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[GreenYes] Looking for Zero Waste Article

I’m looking for a short (10-12 paragraph?) article on the topic of zero waste to include in our free monthly e-newsletter. Our readers are primarily parents of school-age kids. They’re interested in the environment and healthy eating and tips for treading lightly on the planet. Ideally we’d like an article that presents an overview of what zero waste is, why it’s important, and what our readers can do to work towards a zero waste lifestyle.


If you’ve written an article that you own the rights to, or if you’d like to write one for us, we will gladly include it in our newsletter along with your name, organization, and a link to your Web site (if relevant). Since this is a free, ad-free publication, we cannot offer payment – just exposure for you and your organization and, of course, the satisfaction you get from telling the world about a worthy movement.


To see past issues of the newsletter, please visit




Amy Hemmert

Obentec, Inc.



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