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In a message dated 11/29/2007 12:34:06 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, patfarrellfranklin@no.address writes:  We all know that �recycling� isn�t going to solve our mounting environmental problems�it�s not going to halt climate change�.. but it�s a small step that each of us can take to help reduce our environmental footprint. 
John Davis in California used the EPA/WARM to calculate the GHG reductions if everything in California that could be recycled or composted was .  His result is that it is equivalent to eliminating exhaust from all the automobiles in the State.  I think that is a big impact on climate change and 90% is achievable, with new rules.   Jeff Morris reports even greater savings.
I think it is about redesign and reuse and recycling is the lowest form of reuse.

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