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Hello Rick,


I don’t want to argue with Rick or anyone else on the listserve about the impact of recycling on climate change, but I would like to clarify a few things.  First, I don’t consider recycling the lowest form of reuse, but rather, I consider reuse the highest form of recycling.  From the looks of the cartoon I think McCall was focusing on “recycling” as the general public knows it…..putting bottles, cans, newspapers and perhaps cardboard in their recycling bins or dropoff bins, and haz waste disposed of by hospitals/companies, etc.  When I said was “recycling isn’t going to solve our mounting environmental problems” nor is it going to “HALT climate change”   That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t recycle, it just acknowledges what I think is true…recycling alone won’t solve the problems facing us with regard to climate change.







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In a message dated 11/29/2007 12:34:06 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, patfarrellfranklin@no.address writes:  We all know that “recycling” isn’t going to solve our mounting environmental problems…it’s not going to halt climate change….. but it’s a small step that each of us can take to help reduce our environmental footprint. 




John Davis in California used the EPA/WARM to calculate the GHG reductions if everything in California that could be recycled or composted was .  His result is that it is equivalent to eliminating exhaust from all the automobiles in the State.  I think that is a big impact on climate change and 90% is achievable, with new rules.   Jeff Morris reports even greater savings.


I think it is about redesign and reuse and recycling is the lowest form of reuse.


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