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[GreenYes] Re: 1872 mining act

Title: [GreenYes] Re: 1872 mining act

Hi Marjorie,

Thanks for your words of support. is the leader on the issue, I am trying to
get other environmentalists aware of the importance of this vote.

Global Warming - Industry experts say that an 8% federal mining
royalties (a pretty small increase over the 0% from 1872) would result
in lighter automobiles - and better gas mileage.  The subsidy on iron
is a subsidy for SUVs.

Nature Conservancy - Sierra Club and others are alert because much of
the federal land being mined is pristine.

Recycling is already buzzing.   I am getting more calls about
investing in metals recycling.  Mineweb and other industry
publications are forecasting more investment in recycling operations
by traditional metals companies.


On Oct 5, 10:06 am, "Marjorie J. Clarke, Ph.D."
<mcla...@no.address> wrote:
> I'm glad you alerted us about this.  I have taught my students for years about this act (and how damaging it's been and how overdue it was for being done away with).  (Aren't there others in industries like logging with the same sort of way outdated legislation?)  I was thinking the same thing as Rick.  National campaign.    Maybe get one of those ubiquitous environmental campaign organizations to take it on since they already have the infrastructure and the massive mailing lists??   Does anyone have good connections to do this?
> Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.www.MaggieClarkeEnvironmental.comEnvironmental Scientist, Educator, Photographerwww.MaggieClarke.commclarke@no.address York City

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