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[GreenYes] Re: 4 new messages in 4 topics - digest

Title: [GreenYes] Re: 4 new messages in 4 topics - digest


In answer to your question a), blow molded and injection molded plastics
melt at different temperatures from each other. So even though the resin is
the same, they are incompatible when recycled together, at least for high
quality end uses, 'cause you'll either end up with melted plastic with a lot
of chunks  in it, or melted plastic that has burned.


Amy Perlmutter
Perlmutter Associates
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On 9/12/07 5:36 AM, "GreenYes group" <noreply@no.address> wrote:

> == 1 of 1 ==
> Date: Tues, Sep 11 2007 3:41 pm
> From: RecycleBizCzar
> In a month I'll be in front a large, voracious, Green audience here in
> DC, and there will be able opportunity for those gathered (could be
> 40, could be 400) to demand answers regarding:
> a) What's the real story between those counties that advertise 1's and
> 2's and those (like DC) who now simply say: "Narrow-necked bottles".
> As I understand it, there are incompatible additives (e.g. UV-
> inhibitors, etc.) used in injection molding, vacuum forming and
> extrusion which are not meaningful in air-blown manufacturing... I
> could be wrong.
> b) Why don't we (Wash, DC) recycle more plastics?  While I understand
> that "it's a matter of supply, preparation, processing and markets,"
> I would think that the "very latest technology" (being) installed at
> our two local MRFs should be able to accommodate the separation of
> yogurt cups, clam shells and/or aseptic containers.  I'm not sure I
> buy (pun not intended) the fact that we can't market such things.
> c) Are there any substantial markets for brown goods?  (e.g. toasters,
> vacuums, blenders, etc.)
> d) What's the reality of curbside glass recycling?  Is even 10% going
> to "closed-loop" remanufacturing?
> Lastly, does anyone know a good (online?) reference for Reuse/
> Recycling Lifestyle advice?
> ___________________________________________
> Russell Klein
> D.C. Department of Public Works

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