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[GreenYes] Re: MS Word Template / 1.25 margins - waste of paper

Great rant!

Yes, as far as I know they all do that. BUT - you can change the default settings of margins (and lots of other stuff) in Word, so that a version loaded on a machine or network will have the margins you want everytime you open a document.   You can also print lots of stuff in draft mode to save toner...  And set up documents to print two or more pages per side, too.  There are waste reduction fact sheets on this.

But this is a bigger issue in environmental behavior change - the 8 million little detailed things to be done at the individual or organizational level to save paper, energy, water, etc. etc.  I just read that only 10% of users activate the energy efficiency features on thier computers.  Think of how much coal etc. is burned just cuz folks don't do that! Much less turn off lights, double-side documents, turn off water more, use non-toxic cleaning products & personal care products, etc.etc.

Organizations can use their purchasing power to impact this - just one example is to purchase the greenest computers possible ( and require comptuers to be shipped with energy-saving features activated... then train users to turn them off at night etc.

Does sound like a good campaign subject.

Rant on,

Gracestone, Inc.
Boulder, CO

Ann Schneider wrote:
Hi GRRN and Loma Prieta Zero Waste Committee

This will sound like a rant.  And it is.  But the question is, is it just
my version of Microsoft Word or do all version set the margins in MS Word
to 1.25 on the left and right.  What this means is that a document that
could print out on fewer pages takes more due to the wide margins.

I know we shouldn't print but all of us working in local government or
for the Sierra Club know that many documents are printed out with these
wide margins.  Since I receive many of the questionnaires from candidates
running for office, I always have to adjust the margins so on candidate
interview nights, less paper is needed to print a copy.  (and in this
case, I really do need the paper copy so I can track what candidates say
and what they wrote in the written portion of our process.)

Has anyone started a program or have a waste reduction fact sheet on how
to create documents that if printed take less paper?  A campaign or
letter to Microsoft to change the default settings so paper can be

Ann Schneider
Chair, National Zero Waste Committee
Co-Chair, Loma Prieta Political Committee


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