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[GreenYes] Re: Good Morning America on recycling

I started reading the Rockridge Institute (George Lakoff) Thinking Points last night and something in Stephen's response struck a chord.
I think in the Rockridge analysis, cost-benefit analysis would be seen as one of those surface frames that leads progressives astray (like "freedom" - nothing wrong with it in some contexts, but context is everything.

Stephen's statement below misses an important deep frame that I hold in my thinking, and I think a lot of progressives do: costs and benefits are not uniform because they are superficial, not rooted in a deeper value: conservation.

If you calculations tell you it's OK to consume paper and throw it away somewhere, that's a sign to me that things are more deeply screwed up in that somewhere and you should figure out why.

If your scientific analysis causes you to disregard your deep values, it's going to make you inauthentic.


At 11:01 AM 7/20/2007, Stephan Pollard wrote:
I am not.  However, depending on the location and other factors the individual who made those statements might be correct.  You don't know the answer until a well-undertaken cost-benefit analysis / life-cycle analysis has been put together for the region or situation in question.  Cost and benefits (environmental, social, production, or otherwise) are not uniform across the country.



Matthew Cotton wrote:
Are people on the list-serve familiar with this story:

This video interview of Stephen Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics, actually contends that it is economically and environmentally infeasible to recycle paper (paraphrased). It made my blood boil, especially since I am chairing a Mass. Recycles Paper! campaign ( through MassRecycle based on the economic and environmental benefits of increasing paper recovery.
Many of us in Mass. are sending letters of protest. You too may send comments to
-Claire Sullivan, Executive Director
South Shore Recycling Cooperative
fax 508-785-2296
cell 508-934-6147
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There was an alarming piece on Good Morning America on Wednesday July 18: , in which an interviewee who is discussing which recycling activities are worthwhile and which are not, states that paper recycling is probably not worth it, and we should probably just go for paper products made of virgin pulp. Shall we all respond individually to ABC with our own versions of why we think paper recycling is valuable? Or do we want to respond as an organization?

Carol S. Rubenstein, Chair

Sherborn Recycling Committee



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