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I haven't seen this posted yet. The deadline is rolling, but priority
was given to entries by Earth Day....see below

Best Buy Announces Consumer Electronics Recycling Grant


Deadline: Rolling

Best Buy Co. ( <> ) has
unveiled a consumer electronics recycling grant program to help increase
recycling opportunities available in communities across the United

The program will provide two streams of grants: the first will provide
support for events hosted by 501(c)(3) nonprofit organ- izations; the
second will support events hosted by other organ- izations in cities and
townships across the country (e.g., cities, counties, public-private

Grants will range from $500 to $1,500, depending on the size and scope
of each organization's event and the recycling need in the area.

Grant applications are available online at the Best Buy Web site, with
priority given to those completed by April 22, 2007, which is Earth Day.

Visit the Best Buy Web site for further information.

RFP Link:

For additional RFPs in Environment, visit:

Pete Pasterz
Cabarrus County Recycling/HHW
Concord, NC
(704) 920-3280

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