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[GreenYes] Please forward to your lists: ZWIA meeting and International Zero Waste Dialog

R'07 World Congress
Recovery of Materials and Energy for Resource Efficiency
September 3 - 5, 2007, Davos, Switzerland


Zero Waste International Alliance meeting and International Zero Waste
September 2, 2007,
10 am to 6 pm

Davos Congress Center
Promenade 67, Jakobshorn Room,
Wing B of the congress center
CH-7270 Davos, Switzerland
Davos, Switzerland

The first Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) meeting was thought of in
Penang, Malaysia and implemented in Beaumaris Wales in 2003.

The First International Dialog was held in San Francisco in 2004. Preceding
the Dialog there was a meeting of the Zero Waste International Alliance.
The event brought people together from every continent except Antarctica and
discussed the state of the art for the proper management of discards.

Today, Zero waste is a theme of several of the R07 Workshops as well as in
policy in several Countries and many regions and Cities. The Zero Waste
International Alliance will host this meeting along with R07

The draft Agenda will include;
1. ZWIA welcome

and introductions Discussion on the contents of the agenda. Zero Waste
update - Progress reports from each continent (ID Communities that have adopted
Zero Waste as a goal; businesses that have achieved 90% diversion from
landfills and incinerators; and policy initiatives adopted to advance Zero Waste)
Iidentification of key zero waste issues that need help from ZWIA to resolve
Identification of barriers to success of zero waste programs Proposed
global actions to remove barriers Next Steps for ZWIA
* Who will be next ZWIA coordinator?
* What grants are available to fund ZWIA initiatives? Who can help
pursue those funds?
* Setting up quarterly conference calls for ZWIA Planning Group
* ZWIA annual reports to UK authorities
* ZWIA adoption of Highest and Best Use policy
* ZWIA listing of Zero Waste consultants

Please RSVP
to _zwiaplan@no.address (mailto:zwiaplan@no.address) of your
intention to;

1. Attend the meeting on September 2 in Davos,

2. Listen to the Web Cast,
3. Follow on the Listserv,
4. Be listed as a sponsor,
5. Send notice of this meeting to your network

6. Participate in a 1-hour ZWIA Planning Group conference call at the end of
this event (e.g., 8 PM Davos time) to adopt any policies or take any actions
discussed at this event.

Join us at the R07 World Congress: _http://www.r07.org_

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