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[GreenYes] Re: Please forward to your lists: ZWIA meeting and International Zero Waste Dialog

Correction: Please RSVP to <ricanthony@no.address> and <gary@no.address>

At 05:37 PM 5/30/2007, RicAnthony@no.address wrote:
>>R'07 World Congress
>>Recovery of Materials and Energy for Resource Efficiency
>>September 3 - 5, 2007, Davos, Switzerland
>>Zero Waste International Alliance meeting and International Zero
>>Waste Dialog
>>September 2, 2007,
>>10 am to 6 pm
>>Davos Congress Center
>>Promenade 67, Jakobshorn Room,
>>Wing B of the congress center
>>CH-7270 Davos, Switzerland
>>Davos, Switzerland
>>The first Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) meeting was
>>thought of in Penang, Malaysia and implemented in Beaumaris Wales in 2003.
>>The First International Dialog was held in San Francisco in
>>2004. Preceding the Dialog there was a meeting of the Zero Waste
>>International Alliance. The event brought people together from
>>every continent except Antarctica and discussed the state of the
>>art for the proper management of discards.
>>Today, Zero waste is a theme of several of the R07 Workshops as
>>well as in policy in several Countries and many regions and
>>Cities. The Zero Waste International Alliance will host this
>>meeting along with R07
>>The draft Agenda will include;
>> * ZWIA welcome and introductions
>> * Discussion on the contents of the agenda.
>> * Zero Waste update - Progress reports from each continent (ID
>> Communities that have adopted Zero Waste as a goal; businesses
>> that have achieved 90% diversion from landfills and incinerators;
>> and policy initiatives adopted to advance Zero Waste)
>> * Iidentification of key zero waste issues that need help from
>> ZWIA to resolve
>> * Identification of barriers to success of zero waste programs
>> * Proposed global actions to remove barriers
>> * Next Steps for ZWIA
> * Who will be next ZWIA coordinator?
> * What grants are available to fund ZWIA initiatives? Who can
> help pursue those funds?
> * Setting up quarterly conference calls for ZWIA Planning Group
> * ZWIA annual reports to UK authorities
> * ZWIA adoption of Highest and Best Use policy
> * ZWIA listing of Zero Waste consultants
> Please RSVP to
> <mailto:zwiaplan@no.address>zwiaplan@no.address of your
> intention to;
>1. Attend the meeting on September 2 in Davos,
>2. Listen to the Web Cast,
>3. Follow on the Listserv,
>4. Be listed as a sponsor,
>5. Send notice of this meeting to your network
>6. Participate in a 1-hour ZWIA Planning Group conference call at
>the end of this event (e.g., 8 PM Davos time) to adopt any policies
>or take any actions discussed at this event.
> Join us at the R07 World Congress:
>See what's free at <>

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