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[GreenYes] Death of recycling

I also am in favor of the concept of "zero waste". If we don't have ideals and shoot for them, then are we perhaps selling ourselves short? Technology is developing exponentially. If we are putting men on the moon, putting thousands of songs on a micro chip, have access to information in matters of seconds, why can't we do the "impossible" and work towards achieving zero waste. I'm sure there were plenty of comments made about never being capable of putting a man on the moon at one point in time. What was once impossible is now possible. I think it is possible to apply the same idealist type of thinking to our waste or "resources".

This is so cliché but it took Thomas Edison 999 attempts before he was able to create the light bulb. For those of us in the solid waste/3 R industry we may experience set backs, but if we keep to our ideals we will surely move forward.



Diane Rosenkranz

Recycling Specialist

County of Kauai

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