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[GreenYes] Re: Companies that take crt's for free

Much as I hate to suggest it, there is a better than average chance
that the monitors are going to California. As the State is willing to
pay 48 cents a pound to recyclers of CRTs, it's a fairly attractive
option to some of the more unsavory characters.


On Apr 14, 10:18 pm, "Kris Copenhagen" <EWAST...@no.address> wrote:
> I have a concern and I can't seem to find out what this company is
> doing with CRT's
> East County Recycling is a land fill and they except computers and
> monitors for free
> I'm trying to figure out How this is possible when even my recycler
> that I recycle CRT's charges to take them. Does anyone think I should
> be concerned about this?
> Kris Copenhagen
> Ewaste Northwest
> Milwaukie Oregon

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