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[GreenYes] Re: Companies that take crt's for free


If East County Recycling is operating a landfill, they may be burying
the CRT's and selling the computer scrap. Here in Florida (where I
am) as long as your landfill is lined, you can bury crt's/ewaste
because your leachate collection system will pickup anything that
comes out. Not sure if it's the same in Oregon.

Chances are, they are subsidizing the burial out of their other tip
fees. Or as Richard says, they may be going to Northern CA where they
are getting some funds back for them.

Hope this helps!

On Apr 15, 1:18 am, "Kris Copenhagen" <EWAST...@no.address> wrote:
> I have a concern and I can't seem to find out what this company is
> doing with CRT's
> East County Recycling is a land fill and they except computers and
> monitors for free
> I'm trying to figure out How this is possible when even my recycler
> that I recycle CRT's charges to take them. Does anyone think I should
> be concerned about this?
> Kris Copenhagen
> Ewaste Northwest
> Milwaukie Oregon

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