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[GreenYes] [Zero Waste-San Diego] Ocean Beach pursues zero waste initiative

Congratulations to Laura Anthony and all the Zero Waste advocates in San Diego!


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>From: RicAnthony@no.address
>Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 10:41:37 EDT
>Subject: [Zero Waste-San Diego] OB pursues zero waste initiative
>Beacon News >
>OB pursues zero waste initiative
>Sebastian Ruiz
>March 15, 2007
>The Ocean Beach Planning Board voted unanimously
>(8-0) Wednesday, March 7, to pass a resolution
>that would set zero waste as an eventual goal
>for San Diego's waste diversion programs. The
>measure was proposed by Zero Waste San Diego,
>Ocean Beach Planning Board Chair Tom Gawronski said.
>As part of the nonprofit California Resource
>Recovery Association, Zero Waste San Diego
>promotes waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting.
>While the passed resolution will not affect
>Ocean Beach or city policy, it does reflect
>community support for Zero Waste's efforts to reduce waste locally.
>[Zero Waste San Diego] want to get support ? so
>they caan take it to the city and say, "Hey,
>this is what people want," Gawronski said.
>The Zero Waste measure recommends that the city
>divert 75 percent of trash from the Miramar
>Landfill by the year 2010, Gawronski said. This
>goal is more ambitious than the state mandated
>diversion rate of 50 percent and the city's current rate of 52 percent.
>According to the city's Environmental Services
>Department, San Diegans throw away enough
>recyclables to completely fill Petco Park five
>times each year. The additional ? and
>unnecessary ? waste shortens the Miramar Lr
>Landfill's lifespan by seven months each year.
>Currently, the landfill is expected to reach
>capacity by 2012, forcing the city to seek another location to bury its trash.
>According to Gawronski, Zero Waste intends to
>use commitments from local planning boards to
>encourage the city to provide services and other
>programs that make reducing waste and recycling easier.
>"Zero Waste is a goal," Zero Waste San Diego
>Chair Laura Anthony said. "It may not be
>attainable, but it's something to look forward
>to. It's not going to happen through recycling
>alone. Businesses have to be on board, the
>government has to be on board and consumers have to be on board."
>The resolution also includes ? but does not
>specify how to go abbout ? encouraging
>residents, business owners and agencies to use,
>recycle and reuse materials as much as possible.
>Gawronski said that not only is waste reduction
>feasible but it can save companies a lot of money.
>"These policies work in the short-term return,"
>he said. It's not pie-in-the-sky long time from
>now, but they make sense in the short run as well."
>Anthony said it is important that individuals as
>well as businesses recycle and reduce waste.
>People must look at their trash ? from yard
>clipppings to an empty water bottle ? through
>the lens of waste reduction in order tto get to
>that 75 percent diversion rate, she said.
>Gawronski said that he sees yard clippings and
>other green waste every Monday morning in Ocean
>Beach trash bins. And as someone who composts,
>he said much of it could make a difference, not
>only by diverting green waste away from the
>landfills where it decomposes and emits methane
>but back into the ground to nourish the land.
>For more information on the association, visit
> A copy of the Zero Waste
>Resolution is available at

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
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