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[GreenYes] Re: Ocean Beach pursues zero waste initiative

Zero waste is taking off!
We are working in Newburyport to get the right people in our
organization to support the details of our push.
Take Care,
Rob Howe
Newburyport, MA

On Mar 16, 12:29 pm, Gary Liss <g...@no.address> wrote:
> Congratulations to Laura Anthony and all the Zero Waste advocates in San Diego!
> Gary
> >To: zerowaste...@no.address
> >From: RicAnth...@no.address
> >Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 10:41:37 EDT
> >Subject: [Zero Waste-San Diego] OB pursues zero waste initiative
> ><>Peninsula
> >Beacon News >
> ><>News
> >OB pursues zero waste initiative
> >Sebastian Ruiz
> >March 15, 2007
> >The Ocean Beach Planning Board voted unanimously
> >(8-0) Wednesday, March 7, to pass a resolution
> >that would set zero waste as an eventual goal
> >for San Diego's waste diversion programs. The
> >measure was proposed by Zero Waste San Diego,
> >Ocean Beach Planning Board Chair Tom Gawronski said.
> >As part of the nonprofit California Resource
> >Recovery Association, Zero Waste San Diego
> >promotes waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting.
> >While the passed resolution will not affect
> >Ocean Beach or city policy, it does reflect
> >community support for Zero Waste's efforts to reduce waste locally.
> >[Zero Waste San Diego] want to get support ... so
> >they caan take it to the city and say, "Hey,
> >this is what people want," Gawronski said.
> >The Zero Waste measure recommends that the city
> >divert 75 percent of trash from the Miramar
> >Landfill by the year 2010, Gawronski said. This
> >goal is more ambitious than the state mandated
> >diversion rate of 50 percent and the city's current rate of 52 percent.
> >According to the city's Environmental Services
> >Department, San Diegans throw away enough
> >recyclables to completely fill Petco Park five
> >times each year. The additional - and
> >unnecessary - waste shortens the Miramar Lr
> >Landfill's lifespan by seven months each year.
> >Currently, the landfill is expected to reach
> >capacity by 2012, forcing the city to seek another location to bury its trash.
> >According to Gawronski, Zero Waste intends to
> >use commitments from local planning boards to
> >encourage the city to provide services and other
> >programs that make reducing waste and recycling easier.
> >"Zero Waste is a goal," Zero Waste San Diego
> >Chair Laura Anthony said. "It may not be
> >attainable, but it's something to look forward
> >to. It's not going to happen through recycling
> >alone. Businesses have to be on board, the
> >government has to be on board and consumers have to be on board."
> >The resolution also includes - but does not
> >specify how to go abbout - encouraging
> >residents, business owners and agencies to use,
> >recycle and reuse materials as much as possible.
> >Gawronski said that not only is waste reduction
> >feasible but it can save companies a lot of money.
> >"These policies work in the short-term return,"
> >he said. It's not pie-in-the-sky long time from
> >now, but they make sense in the short run as well."
> >Anthony said it is important that individuals as
> >well as businesses recycle and reduce waste.
> >People must look at their trash - from yard
> >clipppings to an empty water bottle - through
> >the lens of waste reduction in order tto get to
> >that 75 percent diversion rate, she said.
> >Gawronski said that he sees yard clippings and
> >other green waste every Monday morning in Ocean
> >Beach trash bins. And as someone who composts,
> >he said much of it could make a difference, not
> >only by diverting green waste away from the
> >landfills where it decomposes and emits methane
> >but back into the ground to nourish the land.
> >For more information on the association, visit
> > A copy of the Zero Waste
> >Resolution is available
> >[]
> Gary Liss
> 916-652-7850
> Fax:

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