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[GreenYes] is "zero waste to landfill" a bad thing?

Greetings all,

Of course not . however . proclaiming a "ZW to Landfill" policy doth not
make one a Zero Waste company.

The issue of language, words and "framing" is so important right now. The
success of ZW is a wonderful thing, but people are jumping on board and
there is still confusion over what exactly ZW is. Eco-Cycle stands firmly
on the ground that the ZW Revolution is truly all about the upstream changes
. including sustainable consumption, reduction in virgin materials
exploitation, industrial redesign and EPR, non-toxic production methods and
resource conservation. If all of that becomes the dominant paradigm, then
the downstream "total resource recovery" part will happen and the
marketplace will make landfills and incinerators obsolete by out-competing

I applaud Honda for this step toward "maximum discard recovery", but let's
not use the term Zero Waste unless they also make big changes "upstream" in
how they procure natural resources, what toxics they use in production, and
they swear off incineration. (that's not an exhaustive list, just a good
start.) We need to protect the beauty and power of the full Zero Waste Path
. and if we do that then this revolution will just keep spreading and
growing into other market sectors and our kids will see and hear HOPE in
action all around them, because the opportunities for personal engagement
along the ZW Path are all around us. It's a way of life.



<> Home : Leadership
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: Honda's New Indiana Plant Will Aim For 'Zero Waste To Landfill' Facility

Honda's New Indiana Plant Will Aim For 'Zero Waste To Landfill' Facility

Plant's annual production will hit 200,000.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On March 19, Honda held an official groundbreaking ceremony for its $550
million automobile plant, to be known as Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC
(HMIN). Site preparation for the new plant is complete and basic
construction has already begun on a 1,700-acre tract in Decatur County, Ind.
near the town of Greensburg, 50 miles southeast of Indianapolis.

The plant's 2,000 associates will produce the Honda Civic sedan. Honda first
announced plans to build the new Indiana plant June 28, 2006, with an annual
production capacity of 200,000 vehicles.

"In Indiana we will create an efficient and flexible manufacturing
environment that is a great place for everyone to work," said Koichi Kondo,
CEO of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Major production processes performed at the Indiana plant will include
stamping, welding, painting, plastic injection molding, sub-assembly and
final assembly operations. The Civic sedans produced in Indiana will feature
fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines manufactured in Anna, Ohio. The vast
majority of parts for the vehicles made at the Indiana plant will be
manufactured by Honda's existing base of more than 600 North American

Honda said it will make a significant commitment to limit the environmental
impact of the new Indiana plant, including ISO 14001 international
environmental management certification, and advanced methods of energy and
emission reduction with the goal to be a "zero waste to landfill" facility.

HMIN will be Honda's seventh auto plant in North America and one of 17 major
Honda manufacturing facilities in North America. It will help to boost
Honda's total North American automobile production capacity from 1.4 million
units to more than 1.6 million units in 2008, employment in North America to
more than 37,000 associates and capital investment in North America to more
than $9 billion, according to a company statement.

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