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[GreenYes] Honda and Zero Waste

Eric, I agree. But doesn't striving to discard zero waste drive at least
some upstream changes? You have to design, throughout the process, materials
and processes that will lead to less waste, and the waste that is created
has to be designed to be something that has a place to go other than a solid
or hazardous waste disposal facility.

Amy Perlmutter
Principal, Perlmutter and Associates
Fellow, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, UMass
23 Avon Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

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> Of course not . however . proclaiming a "ZW to Landfill" policy doth not
> make one a Zero Waste company.
> The issue of language, words and "framing" is so important right now. The
> success of ZW is a wonderful thing, but people are jumping on board and
> there is still confusion over what exactly ZW is. Eco-Cycle stands firmly
> on the ground that the ZW Revolution is truly all about the upstream changes
>. including sustainable consumption, reduction in virgin materials
> exploitation, industrial redesign and EPR, non-toxic production methods and
> resource conservation. If all of that becomes the dominant paradigm, then
> the downstream "total resource recovery" part will happen and the
> marketplace will make landfills and incinerators obsolete by out-competing
> them.

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