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[GreenYes] Urgent: Please stop Canberra from abandoning "No Waste by 2010" Plan

Apologies for Cross-Postings

Please send similar emails to the media around
Canberra that are listed below ASAP. See details
from Gerry Gillespie below as well. Please send to:

ccnews@no.address,, cannews@no.address,
snswnews@no.address,, news@no.address,
steve.pratt@no.address, pratt@no.address

Please cc: me as well. Thanks!

Gary Liss

>Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 22:30:43 -0700
>To: ccnews@no.address,, cannews@no.address,
> snswnews@no.address,, news@no.address,
> steve.pratt@no.address, pratt@no.address
>From: Gary Liss <gary@no.address>
>Subject: Urgent: Please stop Canberra from abandoning "No Waste by
> 2010" Plan
>Cc: Gary Liss <gary@no.address>, zwiaplan@no.address (ZWIA Planning Group)
>We need your help.
>We have been advised by our Zero Waste network
>that Canberra is abandoning its "No Waste by
>2010" plan. Your leadership is desperately
>needed to help stop greenhouse gas emissions
>from landfills (landfills are one of the largest
>single sources of greenhouse gases, particularly
>methane, which is 23x more potent in trapping
>heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide).
>The world was awakened in the mid-1990s from the
>stupor of its wastefulness by the clarion call
>from Canberra - the first Zero Waste Community
>Plan in the world. That single action has
>stimulated a world-wide network of governments,
>businesses (including 2800 in Japan alone)
>and activists promoting Zero Waste, as you can
>see from the following websites:
> * Zero Waste International Alliance:
> * United Nations Environmental Accords (1 of
> which is Zero Waste by 2040 worldwide):
> * Communities Around the World that Have
> Adopted Zero Waste:
> * GrassRoots Recycling Network (US):
> * State of California:
> * Zero Waste Businesses:
> and
> * Fortune magazine article on Zero Waste:
> * Californians Against Waste Zero Waste
> page:
>Please highlight how the current direction is
>misguided. There are many ways to raise money -
>committing to waste more and hurt the planet should not be supported.
>Gary Liss
>Zero Waste Consultant
>Member, Zero Waste International Alliance Planning Group
>Loomis, CA
>>Subject: [zwiaplan] Revolve shut down
>>Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 04:28:45 +1100
>>From: "Gillespie Gerry" <Gerry.Gillespie@no.address>
>>To: "Zero Waste International Planners" <zwiaplan@no.address>
>>Cc: <dr.ore@no.address>, <tmacdonald@no.address>,
>>"Sheryl Stivens" <sherylstivens@no.address>,
>><gaia@no.address>, <didier.toque@no.address>,
>><sustainz@no.address>, <jerry.leonard@no.address>,
>><robinmurray@no.address>, <annie@no.address>
>>Dear Zero Wasters around the world,
>>We need your help urgently!!!
>>As some of you will know I am on the board of an organisation called Revolve.
>>Revolve is a non-for-profit charity
>>organisation which takes a range of materials
>>from the waste stream in Australia?s National
>>Capital and sells them back to the public to create jobs.
>>It has operated on the main Landfill in
>>Canberra, Australia for the past 19 years. It
>>was created in 1988 for the sole purpose of
>>creating jobs in the local community.
>>Toward the end of last year Revolve was forced
>>to tender to keep its work going in the local
>>community and to stay on the Mugga landfill. In
>>its tender proposal, Revolve offered to
>>dramatically increase the recycling operations on the site.
>>We have now been informed after five months of
>>delays that the tender has been awarded to a
>>commercial operator from outside the community.
>>The government claims the contract is of no
>>value to them but Revolve currently employs 16
>>full time staff, whose wages go to the
>>community, it saves around 7000 tons of waste
>>from landfill every year and contributes goods,
>>services and money to other community groups to support their efforts.
>>Revolve is a symbol of recycling in Canberra.
>>During the tender process we collected more
>>than 6000 signatures on a petition in support
>>of Revolve. More than 200 letters of complaint
>>about the tender process have been sent to the Minister, without response.
>>The Canberra Government is backing away from
>>its ?No Waste by 2010? strategy ? since a new
>>manager took over and Graham Mannall no longer
>>round policy, the ?2010? target has disappeared
>>from all of its signs and stationery.
>>The government has become greedy for money and
>>sees the $9.6 million they make form landfill
>>as more important that jobs in the local community.
>>How can you help?
>>We need comments from you and your organisation
>>saying how upset you are to hear of the loss of Revolve to the community.
>>If you have visited the site we would ask that
>>you make your comments more personal.
>>I appreciate that you are all very busy but
>>this is a very desperate situation we are
>>facing ? myself and a very tearful manager had
>>to inform our employees yesterday afternoon
>>that we could no longer guarantee their jobs.
>>Please make your comments as elaborate as you
>>may wish, but I need them urgently.
>>We will start a media blitz on Sunday afternoon
>>? I would appreciate from you:
>> * Your comment on the loss of the contract
>> * Your name
>> * Your organisations name
>Your input will be treated with the greatest respect.
>Thanks to you all.
>Gerry Gillespie
>Gary Liss
>Fax: 916-652-0485

Gary Liss & Associates
Fax: 916-652-0485
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