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[GreenYes] Bottle Bills Elsewhere

In December, probably 2002, I attended a meeting in Bethesda, Maryland that Pat Franklin convened on new bottle bill initiatives. At that point California had recently expanded its bottle bill to cover non-carbonated juices and water. I realized that in all the other states, the bottles still went back through the grocery stores and the grocers still hated it. (We have this peculiar convenience zone system with originally one cent per container redemption (but now up to five cents, effective July 1, 2007). All California bottle bill changes have gone through the legislature without opposition from the grocers because they are not at the table; it doesn't concern them. Not what we had thought about in 1986 when agreeing to our peculiar form but maybe one that works (in some fashion) in the long run. Arthur R. Boone, Oakland, CA

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