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[GreenYes] Re: Compact fluorescent bulb deposits

M.Simon states "...If the primary market for this is alleuvial gold
mining, and that mining process itself is not a problem.."

Well, the process of alleuvial gold mining, where the surplus mercury
is sold, is a huge problem. The mercury is used to float gold out of
silt, then burned off over a flame.

The supply of Hg (from biproduct of copper and gold mining, and from
recycling) has far outstripped the legitimate demand, and the extra
mercury people are "recycling" is getting sold overseas for this
horrendous use. If we subsidize the supply of something - which
recycling programs are effectively doing for mercury - and don't ban
the export, we are paying recycling dollars to send mercury to the
Amazon. Anyway, that's my thesis, I'd love to be proven wrong, but
the lack of response is disturbing.

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