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[GreenYes] Recycling Survey - Experts Needed

[Apologies for cross-posting]


A colleague studying environmental behaviors has asked me to issue this
call for survey participation on her behalf.

Warm Regards,

Dear Colleagues,

I am working on a project to better understand social norms related to
recycling and would like to ask for your assistance. At the bottom of
this message is a link to a survey that contains approximately 61
questions and in the past has taken between 18-41 minutes to complete.
The goal of this initial project is to understand how people think about
levels of recycling.

For the first set of questions you will be asked to read descriptions of
hypothetical characters with different levels of recycling and asked to
choose the person with the "higher level" of recycling. You can use any
criteria you see as relevant to make this determination. In some cases,
you may feel you need additional information- in this case please make
the best decision you can given the information provided.

I am happy to send you a copy of the results and a more in-depth
explanation of the hypotheses at the end of the study regardless of
whether or not you choose to participate.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jessica Nolan, M.S.
Distinguished Doctoral Fellow
Department of Psychology
University of Arkansas

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