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[GreenYes] US Composting Council to hold Zero Waste Barbecue in Orlando, FL

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>Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 10:18:17 -0500 (EST)
>From: US Composting Council <uscc@no.address>
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>December 2006
>The Biodegradable Products Institute sponsors
>?Zero Waste? Barbeque at the US Composting
>Council?s 2007 Annual Conference & Exhibition
>New York, NY - Dec 3, 2006, The Biodegradable
>Product?s Institute (BPI) will host the ?All
>Compostable? BBQ at the US Composting Council?s
>(USCC) Annual Conference and Exhibition, January
>21-24 in Orlando Florida. This marks the first
>time that the USCC has held a ?zero waste? event
>at its annual meeting. The goals of the ?All
>Compostable? BBQ are to highlight the growing
>array of certified compostable foodservice items
>and the feasibility of incorporating source
>separated food scraps collection into hotel
>operations. The BBQ will be held on the evening
>of January 23rd and the food scraps and
>compostable items will be processed at the
>nearby Reedy Creek Energy Services composting
>facility. Efforts will be made to recycle all
>the non-compostable cans, bottles and jars,
>making this a true ?zero waste? activity. The
>BBQ will be open to all attendees of the USCC Annual Conference.
>?This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the
>feasibility of source separated food scraps
>diversion programs in hotel operations?, stated
>Dr. Stuart Buckner, the USCC Executive Director.
>Studies show that large restaurant operations
>annually generate approx. 4,400 lbs of
>waste/employee. Of that, 66% are food scraps,
>another 6% are plastics and 5% are compostable
>paper items. By implementing a diversion program
>and substituting compostable food service items
>for its disposable plastics, restaurants could
>divert over 75% of its wastes to composting
>facilities. ?Organic waste streams from hotels,
>grocery stores and restaurants represent new
>revenue and profit opportunities for the
>composting industry,? Dr. Buckner added.
>BPI member companies will provide all the items
>needed to serve the BBQ to hundreds of
>attendees. Items include glasses and cups,
>plates and bowls, along with cutlery, which will
>be collected in compostable bags and taken to
>the nearby composting facility. All compostable
>items used at the BBQ meet ASTM D6400 or ASTM
>D6868 and will compost effectively in a
>professionally managed facility-such as the one
>at Reedy Creek. ?It is exciting to see the
>growing availability of BPI approved products,
>which make food scraps diversion programs easier
>and more effective,? stated Steve Mojo, BPI?s
>Executive Director. Special recognition will be
>given to the event?s ?Gold Sponsors?, BASF,
>Huhtamaki, NatureWorks LLC, Northern
>Technologies Int. Novamont NA and Poly-America.
>According to the US EPA, the US generates
>approximately 26 million tons of food waste
>annually. Diverting these materials from
>landfills has many benefits. First, the
>resulting compost can be applied to farms to
>feed the soil and grow more food; second, the
>creation of methane in the landfill, a powerful
>greenhouse gas, is reduced. In fact, countries
>that have signed the Kyoto protocol are
>promoting the diversion of food scraps from
>landfills as a way of achieving their overall
>reduction goals. ?Once consumers and businesses
>understand the numerous environmental benefits
>of composting, I expect to see more residential
>and commercial food scrap diversion and
>composting programs where the diverted food
>scraps, ultimately are used in the vineyards and
>farm fields to produce food locally,? stated Matt Cotton, USCC President.
>BPI is a multi-stakeholder group, involving
>people and organizations that produce, use or
>recover biodegradable plastic products. It
>promotes the growth of biodegradable plastics
>through education, use of scientifically based
>standards and cooperative efforts with organizations in Europe and Asia.
>The US Composting Council is a national
>organization dedicated to the development,
>expansion and promotion of the composting
>industry based upon science, principles of
>sustainability, and economic viability. The US
>Composting Council is involved in research,
>public education, composting and compost
>standards, expansion of compost markets and the enlistment of public support.
>For more information, contact:
>Stuart Buckner
>Executive Director, US Composting Council
>p. 631-737-4931 f. 631-737-4939
>Steve Mojo
>Executive Director, Biodegradable Products Institute
>p. 973-916-1982
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Gary Liss
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