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[GreenYes] Re: DELL free recycling program goes global

Remember how we all learned (or figured out) along the way, 'waste
always flows to the lowest-cost disposal point' (unless you put some
kind of barrier around that happening, policy or otherwise)?

Well this is really true with the global trade in scrap electronics.
There are two worthy non-profits who are working on this issue - David
Wood helped start and they are ongoing allies of GRRN in fact -- who can
give you the whole story on the sad export of e-scrap overseas. The
context: the U.S. is one of only about 3 nations worldwide that have not
signed on to the Basel Convention, the international treaty that
prevents export of hazardous waste to developing nations. Because of
this, it is not illegal for the US to export scrap electronics (with
their inherent cargo of hazardous chemicals) to the poor nations of the
world, where e-scrap is taken aprt in unhealthy conditions. For more on
this, see the Computer Takeback Campaign's site: - click on The Problem. Barbara Kyle
is the Campaign Coordinator and Ted Smith the strategic guy for more
info, doing excellent work to turn around these practices and push for
producer responsibility in this issue. Dell changed its practice of
using unprotected prison labor for recycling old Dell's as a result of
Ted's and Robin Schneider's work (and David W), and now uses US
electronics recyclers.

Or see - the Basel Action Network is working to get
the US to ratify the Basel Convention - a huge struggle - Jim Lynch and
Sarah Westervelt there are doing wonderful work as well. Take a look at
the Electronics Recylcer's Pledge of True Stewardship on this site -
these are the practices and electronics recylcers doing the 'greenest'
work here.

Steve, feel free to contact me for more info. about electronics
recycling -- it's a large part of my practice.
Gracestone, Inc.
303.494.4934 vox
303.494.4880 fax

Stephen N Weisser wrote:

> Congratulations and thank you to GRRN, David Wood, and Dell. Dells
> domestic recycling program is easy to use.
> This question is about electronics recycling in general and NOT
> specifically about Dells program.
> I've heard concern and I don't know how much of it is fact and how
> much of it is just chatter...About E Waste being "dumped" overseas.
> The concern of course is especially about the hazardous parts.
> Does anyone have information on this either as it relates to Dell or
> to E waste/Computer recycling in general?
> Thanks,
> Steve
> Stephen N. Weisser, Sales Manager
> GreenLine Paper Company, Inc.
> 631 S. Pine Street
> York, PA 17403
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> stevew@no.address
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> Close the loop: recycling works when we buy recycled.
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> Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 11:30 AM
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> Subject: [GreenYes] DELL free recycling program goes global
> Greetings all,
> First, I hope you all know how critical GRRN and David Wood, ex-GRRN
> E.D., was in getting Mr. Dell himself to the table on this issue.
> I have a question regarding how well the DELL program is working
> on-the-street and around the world? Does anyone know?
> Eric
> "Dell completes rollout of worldwide electronics take-back program"
> From: WasteNews [mailto:news@no.address]
> <mailto:%5bmailto:news@no.address%5d>
> Dec. 12 -- Dell Inc. has completed the rollout of its free worldwide
> consumer electronics take-back and recycling program, the company said
> Dec. 12.
> Most recently, the Round Rock, Texas-based electronics manufacturer
> expanded its free program to Brazil, China, India, South Korea, Mexico
> and Taiwan to meet its timetable, which it set in June. Dell has also
> added or enhanced recycling services in Australia, Malaysia, New
> Zealand, Singapore and Thailand.
> "With today´s announcement, our efforts to make recycling free and
> easy are global," said Eric Gates, worldwide manager of asset recovery
> services for Dell.
> Dell´s program allows consumers to return any Dell-branded product at
> no cost whether or not they buy a new Dell product to replace it. The
> company is the only computer manufacturer to offer such program.
> >

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