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[GreenYes] Sustainability Coordinator Job opening PLNU

To apply go to click 'employment' in the upper right
hand corner.

Sustainability Coordinator
San Diego, California


Sustainability Coordinator
Job Status: Full-time, non-exempt
Purpose: Develop, maintain and enhance environmental stewardship within
the campus community and among its constituencies. Coordinate and
oversee all recycling functions and information programs for the
Duties and Responsibilities
* Develop strategies to promote sustainability efforts and create
detailed implementation plans.
* Develop marketing programs to help members of the community understand
the issues regarding sustainability and to adopt behaviors that will
promote a sustainable society, enhance public relations regarding PLNU's
environmental initiatives. Collect information for campus sustainability
Web Site and Face Book and update as necessary.
* Develop and implement campus community participation programs,
including the annual "Creation Care" and "Recyclemania" program
activities and events.
* Monitor and track waste stream flow to determine the effectiveness of
the recycling program. Promote and coordinate the ongoing and emerging
sustainable practice activities. Provide energy conservation status
reports and monitor utility usage data.
* Develop and promote zero waste feasibility studies and goals.
* Maintain accurate project and program records. Performance of audits
and inspections.
* Supervise and schedule student staff to collect and dump recycling
bins. Coordinate pick up and collection cycles for waste and recycle
bins. Provide safety training for student employees.
* Coordinate recycling outreach programs at university events.
* Assist in developing and maintaining contacts for the purpose of
exchanging information regarding environmental issues.
* Provide administrative support for the university's Resource
Stewardship Task Force.
* Track and maintain departmental budget.
* Perform general administrative work and other responsibilities as
* Solicit, document, and help publicize on-campus and local information
on sustainable development topics

Employment Standards
* Requires two years of recycling program management or support. Must
have a thorough knowledge of California recycling regulations and
rulings. Bachelor's degree preferred.
* Understanding of and commitment to the spiritual mission of the
* Strong computer skills including MSOffice, Adobe Photoshop and
* Have the ability to track and manage a budget.
* The ability to supervise and motivate student staff.
* Capable of performing physical tasks that require stooping, bending,
and lifting on a regular basis up to 75 lbs.
* Must have strong oral and written communication skills.

Renee Robertson
Recycling Coordinator
Point Loma Nazarene University

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