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[GreenYes] AP/IHT story on waste and recycling in Puerto Rico

There are many aspects to this AP/International Herald Tribune
story on PR waste/recycling that I find interesting, including
the failure of setting an official recycling goal and having
several pieces of recycling legislation in place for many years
to achieve a rate beyond 10%. I also found interesting the
recruitment of Tego Calderon to do TV spots promoting clean up
and recycling. If you have kids into reggaeton, you know who
Tego is and the following he has.

But the part that really caught my eye (and dropped my jaw) was
the regional administrator, Steinberg, urging PR to adopt WTE as
the way to go.

FYI, not mentioned in the article is the WEEE bill currently
pending in PR's legislature, nor recent attempts to adopt a
bottle bill.

High consumption, low recycling push Puerto Rico toward reckoning
with garbage

LOIZA, Puerto Rico: Winding through a forest of palm trees, the
Rio Grande de Loiza could be an image from a tropical postcard -
if not for the rusted cars, dismembered appliances and at least
one dead horse lying along its banks.

The trash-strewn river is a sign of the garbage crunch in this
U.S. island territory, where regulators are moving to shut down
five overflowing, outdated dumps they say are contaminating soil
and groundwater.

"Puerto Rico is in a state of environmental crisis," said Alan
Steinberg, regional administrator for the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency.


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