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[GreenYes] Re: Rural Cooperative Marketing

there was some good stuff there - THANKS!!

Christine McCoy
City of Alexandria
703/519-3486 ext. 132

David Jaber <djaber@no.address> 12/20/2006 09:21 PM

Re: [GreenYes] Rural Cooperative Marketing

Hi, Christine.

There was a conference on rural recycling in NM this summer. You might check the proceedings for case studies.

On Wednesday, Dec 20, 2006, at 11:55 US/Pacific, <Christine.McCoy@no.address> wrote:

Folks -

I'm trying to pull together a grant proposal to USDA from the Virginia Recycling Association, the Virginia General Services Division, and the Virginia Department of Corrections to work together to develop recycling cooperative markets through a hub-spoke type of system. The idea is to potentially use the prisons in rural areas to act as a collection point for recyclables from nearby rural localities. The Dept of Corrections has been tasked to recycle more and they think that this would be a great project for them and benefit surrounding communities.

Are you aware if any other state has tried such an approach or anything like it? Also, if you can think of any potential pit-falls or concerns in perhaps eventually setting up mini-MRFs at prisons let me know. I know the use of prison labor is a social justice issue and will think that through as well, so I don't really need comments to that affect. However, any other information that you think might be helpful would be GREATLY appreciated.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Christine McCoy
City of Alexandria
703/519-3486 ext. 132


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