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[GreenYes] Re: Recycled Products

For what it¹s worth, I want to put in a plug for GreenLine Paper. They
always have what I want and I love supporting folks that took the jump into
the deep end of recycled products as a small company back there in the
beginning (early ?90s). The fact that they¹re still around, should tell you
a lot about the quality of their business.

David Biddle, Executive Director
Greater Philadelphia Commercial Recycling Council
P.O. Box 4037
Philadelphia, PA 19118

215-247-3090 (desk)
215-432-8225 (cell)


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on 11/1/06 10:36 AM, Stephen N Weisser at stevew@no.address wrote:

> Hi Karen,
> We have them. What we stock at the moment are these
> <;iProductID=247>
> and they're 100% recycled!
> Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
> Thanks,
> Steve
> Stephen N. Weisser, Sales Manager
> GreenLine Paper Company, Inc.
> 631 S. Pine Street
> York, PA 17403
> 717-845-8697
> 1-800-641-1117
> stevew@no.address
> <>
> Close the loop: recycling works when we buy recycled.
> From: GreenYes@no.address [mailto:GreenYes@no.address] On Behalf
> Of kpulse@no.address
> Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 8:19 PM
> To: GreenYes@no.address
> Subject: [GreenYes] Recycled Products
>> Hello,
>> I am having a problem lately and I figured that this might be the best forum
>> to find an answer. As a waste reducer/recycler by heart and recycler by
>> trade I try to make sure that all products that I use in the regular course
>> of business is made out of as much recycled content as possible. These past
>> few years I have had a harder time trying to find these products. Now I am
>> trying to find envelopes in the 6x9 size and am being told that it might not
>> be possible. So needless to say I am frustrated. Any advice out there?
>> Thoughts on why there are less products made from recycled materials?
>> Karen Pulse
>> Phoenix Resources Recycling
> >

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