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[GreenYes] Recycling coconuts

I thought Greenyes participants might have some interest in my
two-part blog piece on recovering and recycling coconuts in Latin
America and the Caribbean:

"Recycling Coconuts I: More Than Just a Vessel for Agua de Coco"

"Recycling Coconuts II: Need Anything Be Wasted?"

It's incredible what can be gotten from the average coconut,
including recyclable auto parts and biofuels. Almost nothing of
the average coconut need ever go to disposal. Which is good,
since Brazilian officials estimate that as much as 70% of all
waste going to landfills in its coastal cities are coconut husks,
which take as long as 10 years to fully decompose.

Best regards,



Keith E. Ripley

Temas Actuales LLC

e-mail: keith.ripley@no.address


<> El Equipo Verde

Author of the book "Solid Wastes and Recycling Policy in Latin
America & the Caribbean"


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The environment laws/regulations of all Latin America & the

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