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[GreenYes] NatureWorks? Recycling Problem in Fortune magazine/

Apologies for Cross-Postings

Thu 2 Nov 2006

<>NatureWorks? Recycling Problem

In pursuit of that elusive goal called
sustainability, we need to radically change how
we make stuff, how much stuff we consume and how
we throw stuff away. Bio-plastics?that is,
plastics made from things that grow, as opposed
to oil?are a step in that direction because they
are renewable. But bottles made of bio-plastics
create problems because they can?t be easily
recycled, as a company called
a division of Cargill, is learning. Today?s
column is about the challenges of introducing new
?green? products into an infrastructure that may not be ready for them:
NEW YORK (Fortune) ­ As Kermit the Frog likes to
say, ?It?s Not Easy Bein? Green.?

Not even if you have the best of intentions.
Just ask NatureWorks, a unit of agribusiness
giant Cargill, that sells a renewable and
compostable plastic packaging material that is made from corn.
You can read the rest of the column at:

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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