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[GreenYes] Re: Managing shredded paper at the curb with other mixed paper?

Hi Blair & all--
Omaha's instructions to residents are to put all paper (news, RMP,
small OCC) in paper bags or a small box (e.g. soda case box).
Specifically with shredded paper, we instruct the public to put
shredded paper in the bottom of the bag, and then a few heavy items on
the top (e.g. magazines). For the most part this works and Omaha has
10 times the wind problems that Orange County has. That said, our MRF
operator (we went to single stream without glass this year and the MRF
just started up at the same time) has found that most shredded paper
ends up in the residual pile, coming out at one point so they are
working on ways to capture it there and clean it for marketing. The
MRF would like to tell people to use a plastic bag for shredded paper
(they would pull these out at the first "gross contaminant" station),
but we are saying no to that change at this time.
--Paul Dunn
City of Omaha, Nebraska

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