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[GreenYes] Re: Commissioners clear the path for FLA commercial biomass plant

Please forget any type of burning defined as rapid oxidation in air for any
efficient and environmentally safe renewable WTE project. When you burn the
gas you get greenhouse and gases and it is inefficient .

When you disassociate with high heat you get Nuclear efficiency
a multiplier effect where burning may be 50 to 65 percent efficient heat
disassociation is one and half or greater energy out than what you put in.

Forget food and especially corn as a reliable energy source it requires too
much water which like oil is now in short supply. ( check T Boone Pickens
formerly Oil Developer and his water rights company stories ) See corn drought
stories in Alabama and Miss this week.

Now as to energy balances.. Rep Dr Roscoe Bartlett (R) Md Chair U S House
Science Committee has some material on his web site check it out. He is now
out of date on the technology.


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