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[GreenYes] Re: Plasma in Panama... sounds like a bad movie

Your observations are fairly correct for traditional high power plasma. The
money comes from tipping charges or government subsidy.

Plasma 4th state of matter is a really interesting thing. Using available
technology since 1950's such as Westinghouse Plasma the working area of a
torch is about 16 inches MAX . You need lots of torches and lots of power to
break down waste to gas and elements this way. About 1/2 of the Syn gas produced
is consumed to power up the system. No electical power no plasma no work.

I compare it to Edision the light bulb and DC power. Works not well on the
large scale.

Using low volatge with a heatsink as on electrical contact totally different
outcome. Heat of the heatsink sustains the decomposition. Each heatsink
adds working area of 16 in approx 8 heatsinks x 16" all in a box 5' 6' 3'
approx. Really efficient and clean!

Anyone who puts any metal in a plasma field for recycle is at minimum an
idiot you get nothing out for the trouble. You put recycles with H and C
compositions such as garbage, manure, ag waste, plastics, auto fluff, old carpets,
paper, cardboard and the like and you get process heat, gasses rich in C and H
and a mini RE refinery. No process I have heard about comes even close in
energy effciency or minimizes greenhouse gases and water use. And it is really
cheap too.

David has the details he can share with you

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