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[GreenYes] essentially complete disassociation of organic matter Patent 6380507

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Title: Apparatus for feeding waste matter into a plasma arc furnace to
produce reusable materials Document Type and Number: United States Patent 6380507
Link to this Page: Abstract:
Apparatus and a method are disclosed for generating energy from the
essentially complete disassociation of organic matter in a plasma arc furnace
operating under pyrolytic conditions. Energy is produced by the disassociation in the
form of synthesis gases such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide that can be
used to generate electricity, and heat energy from the process and from burning
the synthesis gasses are also used to generate electricity. In addition,
inorganic matter that is input to the furnace is rendered ecologically and
biologically safe and is extracted from the furnace to be re-cycled into new uses
such as insulation and road paving material. Organic matter, along with
non-organic matter, is pre-processed and sized before being input to the plasma
arc furnace. The pre-processed matter is fed into a molten silica bath in the
furnace through hollow electrodes that are inserted into the silica bath to
create the plasma arc. Insertion of the matter through the hollow electrodes
provides better disassociation of the waste into its basic elements for
re-use, re-cycling and disposal as ecologically and biologically safe materials.

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