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[GreenYes] Re: Ans to the Collier County Phone Call today current Recycle vs ...


Enjoyed speaking with you today and appreciate your efforts toward answering
some of the questions posed by myself and others regarding plasma arc and
similar technologies. As mentioned earlier my strong interest in learning as
much as possible about both presently promoted and future resource management
projects in Florida is a tie-in to my overall interest in sustainable
environmental protection policy. I appreciate your sharing your technical,
environmental, economic, and political insights into the Florida waste management
situation with me and would appreciate as well, aside from what you've already
provided to the list-serve, any other material you are able to share at this
time regarding what you understand to be refinements to presently promoted,
(St. Lucie County), plasma arc technologies.

Bob Krasowski
The Florida Alliance for a Clean Environment
and The Zero Waste Collier County Group.
1086 Michigan Ave.
Naples, Florida, USA, 34103

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