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[GreenYes] Re: ANS Synergy of Recycle and Redux intergrated process

You write well Bob but you smooze better, And Monica he said good things
about you and your commitment to Eco friendly send him a : )

To get where I am technically and presently review:

All of Congressman Dr Roscoe Bartlett's (R) MD energy and peak oil
presentations which are extensive and web posted.

The Vision 21 policy proposal a USDOE total concept for recycle of waste. I
will send the Web address.

Westinghouse Plasma Web site as well as Star Tech if they still have their
waste system posted along with their news releases.

Then the Jim Wright water book I referenced previously

And then you can read the Fla Sunshine Energy Plan I put together in July
2004. Copy under separate E mail A real piece of hasty research but with great
references and definite profound impact on some political decisions. Note the
waste streams in Fla not recycled. Feel free to share.

What I found was an enormous stock of high BTU waste but no way to safely
use them. You get Dioxins, Mercury high Nox, Arsenic, and some really illegal by
products and smells with any fire/Ox type incineration process INCLUDING
Gasification and Changing World Technologies Turkey Guts to oil processes.

Where the problem seemed to be with waste and current recycles is it does
not pay enough. If glass bottles were 20 cents each, alum cans a dollar and
tires $5.00. This state with have all collected by Friday and that is this

So if this premise is correct and if you or any lister wants to test it and
has the money feel free to test it (first with me). I have 9 old tires and
100 glass bottles already to go.

Now those tires are pure OIL DENSITY energy along with a few pounds of steel
and some carbon and assorted ugly toxic stuff,

One major tire co has finally figured a way to revert the vulcanization
process to raw materials from which new tires can be made so those tires may get
a higher recycle price in the future. You can still have them for 5.00 each

Now if some CHEAP and Environmentally safe method existed that all of that
Hydrogen and Carbon recycled material could be reduced to base elements H. N.
C. S, etc., at the point of end consumption and recombined to another use
product like heat gasoline fuel oil plastic ingots the value of that compacted
value added raw material it would really make such by product waste valuable.

When you add a temperature stability controlling component to the 50 year
old plasma redux process you can do just that and cheaply.

Every small waste generator then becomes a mini recycle center There is a
reduction in volume of about 90 percent to the prior recycle waste stream and
NO toxic chemicals or dioxins or pathogens survive. Only Gas or Inert Glass
containing elements make it.

AS a by product to redux there is heat lots of heat. Could be Process heat
for water or Ethanol distillation, 300 degree steam at 10 to 12 PSI which can
be stepped up to F 1000 with a heat exchanger.

Review Corn and Sugar Ethanol Energy balances and
Remove the heat of distillation by natural gas or oil from current Ethanol
processes. Note the profound positive energy balance changes.

Visit also Governor's ethanol coalition for more info as well as renewable
fuels association.

Critics attack !

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