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[GreenYes] another threat to old recycle process?

Written by Green Power Inc. Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Issaquah, WA - - May 30, 2006 - - Due to a delay at the docks releasing the
mobile unit Green Power and The City of Cheyenne regret that the press and
public demonstration will be postponed until Friday, June 2 at 9:00 AM, at
Cheyenne city offices. Please contact us with any questions or comments. The new
schedule is a copy of the schedule which had been planned for May 31st, 2006,
please adjust your schedule.

9:00 AM, June 2nd has been set for Green Power, Incorporated's public
unveiling and demonstration of their mobile catalytic Depolymerisation plant,
which converts solid and liquid waste to diesel fuel. Members of the press and
government officials from all levels are invited to attend the demonstration,
hosted by Green Power and the City of Cheyenne, Wyoming, at the Cheyenne City
Hall. A briefing at City offices will be followed by bus transportation to
the local waste transfer station where the actual demonstration(s) will take

The device, mounted on a truck, is presently in route to Cheyenne and be
ready for a public demonstration on June 2nd 2006.
The device is a miniature demonstration module, designed to be driven from
one locale to another for the purpose of demonstrating and proving the
technology of Catalytic Depolymerisation, which is a bio-chemical process of the
breaking down of long carbon molecules into shorter ones. Once publicly
demonstrated, this process, using a patented special catalyst, as well as other
patented technologies, promises to be a major breakthrough in the production of
clean bio-fuel, made entirely of solid and liquid organic wastes.

The catalyst is said to work across the board, breaking down a wide variety
of carbon molecules, while affording a reaction temperature well below that
which historically has produced additional greenhouse gases, including Dioxin
and PCBs, known to be major air pollutants. While the breakdown of carbon
molecules is not new, the "One Catalyst Does All", technology is. Other
catalysts have only been successful at breaking down specific types of carbon
molecules in other similar, less efficient technologies.

Catalytic Depolymerisation has been developed by Dr Christian Koch, who
holds several world patents relating to the technology. His association with
Michael Spitzauer spawned the Washington Company; Green Power, Inc. Spitzauer is
Green Powerâs CEO. Spitzauer hopes to have 1500 plants up and running in the
US within 5 years, as well as plants in every country in the world within a

The new process is said to make clean diesel fuel, substantially cleaner
than pump-grade diesel, from landfill, agricultural, industrial, commercial,
medical and other non-radioactive waste sources, at a fraction of present
fossil fuel production costs, with no secondary pollution. The new fuel will
provide increased power over conventional pump grade fuel, and should also produce
fewer emissions, given its cleaner composition. It is also said that the
fuel is not designed as an additive. It is intended as an all weather,
put-in-your-tank-and-drive fuel.

The technology promises to make obsolete the traditional method of using
landfills for waste storage. In the future, all waste will be processed through
large-scale versions of the demonstration module, situated at existing
landfill sites or similarly appropriate locations, processing virtually all waste
into some form of recyclable and/or resalable commodity. Indeed, it is
speculated that existing land fills and other waste contaminated sites and soils
will be able to be mined, the contaminates removed and the soils returned to the
site or used as fill elsewhere.

Other materials, including metals, glass, porcelain, rock, etc, which cannot
be used in the process, are gleaned out using existing technology, sorted by
type and stock piled for resale or re-use. The remaining organic materials,
including plant material, animal material, plastic, rubber, sewer waste,
other oils, even non-radioactive hospital waste, are convertible to fuel using
the process. The relatively small amount of material remaining after
processing made up of sulfur and other high PH salts will be sold as fertilizer. It
is claimed that there will be no waste and no secondary pollution from this

Is this a silver bullet for a myriad of pressing issues? If the technology
is proven as the company claims, the ramifications in terms of environmental,
economic, energy, and political, from local to global, could be staggering.
It is estimated that once the country is on-line with this technology and
coupled with existing domestic crude oil resources, the US's dependency on
foreign oil will wane to near zero.

Since the first official announcement earlier this month, Green Power's
phones have been ringing off the hook from interested, if not sometimes desperate
municipalities and large, waste-intensive companies, even foreign
governments, seeking a solution to their current waste problems.

It has been interesting to note that the immediate and pressing interest has
not been for the fuel production, but the waste disposal solution issue,
even though the major by-product is a very high grade of fuel oil, as clean as
kerosene or jet fuel, with outstanding performance properties, and in no
modest quantities.

Satisfactory demonstration of this technology will signal the beginning of a
new era and the solution of multiple, age-old problems, with seemingly no
downside. Perhaps a classic case of making lemonade from lemons. An end of
waste as we know it and the creation of a cheap, high demand fuel source from it
as a bonus. Land fills will become extinct. Indeed, it may come to pass that
existing landfill sites could be mined for their fuel producing resources.
The production of bio fuel, using this process, is predicted to eliminate our
countryâs dependence on foreign oil. What impact that this may have on US
foreign policy, global politics, and economics, is arguably as profound as the
aforementioned benefits. Only time will tell. But it appears that Green Power
is dead serious and fully prepared to back its claims, the results of which
will certainly have no small impact on society and the environment.

Leonard E. Wheeler, Jr.,

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