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[GreenYes] Managing shredded paper at the curb with other mixed paper?

Hello: given the boom in at-home paper shredding, how are people who have mixed paper at the curb (especially w/ bins) dealing with shredded paper, we are going to put out a second bin this year for paper and are highly concerned about shredded. Our first thought is to direct the public to the dropoff sites only for shredded and prohibit it at the curb. People are prone to bag it, MRFs certainly Don't want to see that. If it's loose it will blow and if wads of it are wedged b/w bunches of newspaper then it will blow when dumped into truck or at MRF unload or?? What are you all doing? Thanks.

Blair L. Pollock
Orange County Solid Waste Planner
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Chapel Hill NC 27516-7177
Only 1 in 5 plastic bottles is now recycled in Orange County.

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