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[GreenYes] Re: Managing shredded paper at the curb with other mixed paper?

At 03:53 PM 8/31/2006 -0400, Blair Pollock wrote:
>Hello: given the boom in at-home paper shredding, how are people who
>have mixed paper at the curb (especially w/ bins) dealing with
>shredded paper, we are going to put out a second bin this year for
>paper and are highly concerned about shredded. Our first thought is
>to direct the public to the dropoff sites only for shredded and
>prohibit it at the curb. People are prone to bag it, MRFs certainly
>Don't want to see that. If it's loose it will blow and if wads of it
>are wedged b/w bunches of newspaper then it will blow when dumped
>into truck or at MRF unload or?? What are you all doing? Thanks.

A while ago I was in a discussion about having yard waste bagged in
paper bags so the whole thing could be composted. Would the same
approach work here--paper bags? (Of course there is the issue of
how-do-we-know-what's-in opaque bags...)


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