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[GreenYes] Glassware, Dishware, Ceramics Oh My

Hello GreenYes Community.

What to do with unwanted glassware, ceramics and dishware generated
by thrift stores?

I am working with the City of Seattle to gather information on
current management options for the dishware, glassware and ceramics
discards generated by thriftstores and charities such as Goodwill. A
considerable volume of this product line is discarded if it does not
sell after a specific, rather brief, period of time. Not only are
markets hard to find for this material, but there are concerns about
the toxicity of glazes and lead content contained in this wastestream.

I have already contacted a number of you individually in the GreenYes
community. Among the interesting tidbits to turn up is an instance of
aluminum contamination from glass aggregate mixing with lime in the
cement with which it was being mixed, and then generating a toxic gas
during trench filling operations. (Thanks Eric Lombardi for this
tale of caution and woe.)

If any of you are aware of past, current or potential markets -- or
if you can think of individuals or organizations you think I should
get in touch with to discuss this challenge -- I would love to hear
from you.

Any insight you can provide will be much appreciated. And we'll be
more than happy to share results with anyone interested.

Best wishes.



David Stitzhal, MRP
Full Circle Environmental, Inc.
3111 37th Place South
Seattle, WA 98144
206-723-0528 phone
206-723-2452 fax

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