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[GreenYes] Re: Glassware, Dishware, Ceramics Oh My

HI, I actually work at my local thrift shop here in Aspen Colorado. We
also get a lot of plates and glass, I have found one use for ceramic

A lot of art classes in school as well as local artists use them to
create art! They break up the ceramic plates to make mosaics.

I have also seen people do dog bowls with them. THey use a basic dog
bowl, and use the broken ceramic peices to add to the dish, and
actually sell them.

Hope this helps!

I used to live in Seattle and was a teacher. I know if you contact some
of the schools, private ones as well, they would love this idea!

Also, you might want to work with a teacher to do some lesson plans on
ceramic art! Let them know to break the plates(carefullly) then what to
do step by step:)

Hope this helps:)


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