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[GreenYes] Re: Healthy Business Strategies report from Clean Production Action

Korten's first book, "When Corporations Rule The World" was excellent. I
recommend it. His second book, to which you refer is weak relative to
proposing a workable alternative.

Another related book is called "Changing Course" by Steven Schmidheiny. I
recommend it as it tries to map out a way in which sustainability can be
achieved in the Capitalist system. In effect what SS does is prove that the
Capitalist system can not be a vehicle for progressive change to a
sustainable world, let alone considerations of equity.


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> Well said, Helen.
> Thought leaders have been working on this subject for years. One I'd
> recommend is
> David Korten's "The Post-Corporate World" for those that haven't read
> it.
> Let's recognize and fix the problems of capitalism, and green companies
> along the way.
> On Tuesday, Jun 27, 2006, at 13:54 US/Pacific, Helen Spiegelman wrote:
>> Peace activists from all over the world are gathered in my fair city
>> (Vancouver, Canada) this week for the World Peace Forum. They are
>> talking
>> in hundreds of intense, well-attended sessions about how to get past
>> war
>> and conflict. One of the sessions I attended was an exercise in "deep
>> dialogue." The premise of deep dialogue is that we are going to have
>> to get
>> people with what seem like fundamentally opposed views working through
>> the
>> issues in order to achieve workable solutions (think "restorative
>> justice"
>> which is a deep dialogue between victims and perpetrators of crimes).
>> I came away persuaded that this can be done by de-constructing opposing
>> positions. In the present instance: what is it, specifically, within
>> the
>> "Capitalist modus operandi" that does not work for us? What elements
>> can we
>> break out and negotiate on, rather than trashing the Capitalist modus
>> operandi in its entirety?
>> This is what Product Policy Institute is wrestling with when we talk
>> about
>> "good governance". Commerce is a part of the human experience. How can
>> we
>> tame commerce so it serves humans and the environment? Can we really
>> imagine a world without any commerce whatsoever? (Will the first
>> person who
>> never bought anything please raise your hand?)
>> Helen.
>> At 01:12 PM 6/27/2006, Mike Morin wrote:
>>> Is this progress or is it greenwash (i.e. public relations)?
>>> While McDonough's work is admirable and desirable, I sincerely
>>> believe that
>>> we can not build an equitable and sustainable culture (i.e. economy)
>>> by
>>> trying to green the Capitalist modus operandi.
>>> MM
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