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[GreenYes] Top Five Green Cities

Top 5 Green Cities selected by Sierra Club: Seattle, Portland, San
Francisco, NYC, and Chicago.

Cities across the country once competed to see who could build the
tallest high rises. Now they're scrapping over who's the greenest.
The mayors of Austin, TX, Chicago, and Los Angeles have each declared
their city will be the most environmentally friendly. San Francisco
and Columbus, OH, both claim to be working on the nation's largest
green building. Even Charlotte, SC, a fast-growing, pro-business, new
South city, has gotten into the mix, with pedestrian-friendly
development, a city fleet of hybrid cars, and an ambitious plan to
clean up and refurbish old industrial sites.

See Sierra magazine's "Green Streets" to learn more about the
Five Green Cities." Is your city not on the list? You can help. Check
out our
Cities campaign and see how you can nudge your city into the top five.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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