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[GreenYes] drop-off glass recycling

For those of you experienced with drop-off glass recycling programs, I
have a few questions.

1. What type of container do you use to collect the glass in? Then
how is it emptied and hauled?

2. How do you keep the contaminants out such as paper bags, plastic
bags, and boxes?

3. Where does your glass go?

We have 15 glass drop-off locations (12 are glass-only) and these are
unstaffed locations. We collect in 2-yard dumpsters. Our "problems"
are with the efficiency of using 2-yards in that those containers have
to be hauled full to Allied's yard where the fork-lift can tip them
into a 30 yard. Either an empty container has to replace this or the
site goes without a container for however long the tip (and trip)

We also have a problem with folks throwing boxes and bags into the
containers. The crusher was VERY unhappy with this and threatened to
not bid on the crushing in the future (and he was the ONLY bidder).

We are fortunate that our highway department will take the material,
but they will renege on their MOU if we can't get the contaminants out.

All help is appreciated. (to head off the inevitable question, NO
these locations will never be staffed)

Thanks again,
Boise, Idaho

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