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[GreenYes] Re: NYC Recycling?

Speaking of US programs in general (not of NYC specifically) but I feel
these comments work into the discussion.

Sometimes "garbage truck" style packer trucks are used to collect
recyclables. I'm assuming what the folks saw were recyclables and trash
being thrown in the truck at the same time as opposed to recyclables ONLY
being pitched in a "garbage" truck. I was driving out of my neighborhood
one day and saw this happening and just as I was about to get out of my car
and ask the collection crews what they were doing I realized that they were
not throwing recyclables in the trash but they were using a "garbage truck"
style truck to collect recyclables. It appeared that they were mixing trash
and recycling although they were not and I trust that the material collected
in that case were most likely recycled. And there is also by the way the
issue of "split body" packer trucks being used to collect recyclables and
trash in the same truck but they are split in the back it's like 2 trucks in

Over the years I've occasionally seen haulers dump recycling bins in the
garbage. Usually the reason for this is the recycling truck misses a house
and they think they can sneak one by so the customer doesn't call and
complain that recyclables were missed so they toss it in the trash.
Although this is totally unacceptable and disheartening to see it doesn't
happen very often and around here it is illegal and gets reported. I
haven't seen it recently, and I don't believe it happens too often.

I have tremendous respect for Michael Moore but I don't have respect for
what he says about recycling in his book. Yes it is true that it happens.
But it is more true that although not perfect recycling programs across the
US including NYC run well. Always room for improvement yes, but I think we
can all feel confident about taking the time to recycle.

We all need to work together to support recycling programs, laws and proper
enforcement, and buying recycled. I am glad you raised your questions and I
hope we all feel educated enough to put to rest the "Michael Moore" attitude
about recycling.

Steve Weisser

Stephen N. Weisser, Sales Manager
GreenLine Paper Company, Inc.
631 S. Pine Street
York, PA 17403

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I was in NYC recently and a few business people told me that they work hard
to prepare recyclables and then watch the packer truck come and throw all
the recycling in with the trash bags.

Can anyone shed any light on how NYC does it's recycling collection and
indeed is stuff getting recycled or does it all end up in the packer truck,
garbage and all?

Karyn Kaplan
University of Oregon

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