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[GreenYes] Re: Dept of Interior Secretary Lynn Scarlett

Oh, my God!

on 3/14/06 5:27 PM, robin@no.address at robin@no.address wrote:

> Lynn Scarlett of Reason Foundation (primary source for John Tierney's
> "Recycling is Garbage" NYT magazine article has been appointed Acting
> Secretary for the Dept. of the Interior, which administers federal land leases
> for mining companies at a price of $5 per acre, which:
> 1) was set in 1872, during the Apache Indian wars
> 2) does not collect enough revenue to pay the salaries of DOI staff who
> administer those leases
> 3) does not cover the cost of roads put into forests by Dept of the Interior
> to provide access to mining and timber interests
> 4) pays 0% royalty on the gold etc. extracted from the federal land, and
> 5) bankrupted Superfund (14 of the 15 largest superfund sites are located at
> mining sites)
> I am hoping Ms. Scarlett will use the insights she gained from Reason
> Foundation to come up with something like a "user fee" for mining and timber
> companies.
> Robin Ingenthron
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