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[GreenYes] Re: Dept of Interior Secretary Lynn Scarlett

Right on Robin. I say this could be an opportunity, but who can dig up her
old speeches? She also came out in favor of PAYT, I think. Other than
that, I think her policy solutions are probably a disaster.

Eric Lombardi

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Lynn Scarlett of Reason Foundation (primary source for John Tierney's
"Recycling is Garbage" NYT magazine article has been appointed Acting
Secretary for the Dept. of the Interior, which administers federal land
leases for mining companies at a price of $5 per acre, which:

1) was set in 1872, during the Apache Indian wars

2) does not collect enough revenue to pay the salaries of DOI staff who
administer those leases

3) does not cover the cost of roads put into forests by Dept of the Interior
to provide access to mining and timber interests

4) pays 0% royalty on the gold etc. extracted from the federal land, and

5) bankrupted Superfund (14 of the 15 largest superfund sites are located at
mining sites)

I am hoping Ms. Scarlett will use the insights she gained from Reason
Foundation to come up with something like a "user fee" for mining and timber

Robin Ingenthron

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