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[GreenYes] Tell EPA: increase waste prevention in new National Strategic Plan

Dear all,

Please tell the EPA to include more waste prevention in its new 2006-2011
NATIONAL STRATEGIC PLAN. This Plan impacts EPA's priority focus areas,
funding resources and national measurement investments. Comments are due
Friday March 31, 2006.

Below are some sample comments, which are certainly not all inclusive. If
you have other comments you want everyone to submit, please share them with
the list. Thanks!
Monica Wilson, GAIA

Sample comments:

[YOUR GROUP] calls on EPA to prioritize municipal and industrial waste
prevention, and dramatically reduce waste going to disposal facilities like
incinerators and landfills.

We also recommend the addition of the following goals:
-By 2011, there should be national legislation for Extended Producer
Responsibility (EPR) for products including electronics. EPR systems should
create incentives for redesigning products to make them non-toxic and fully
-EPA should set national composting goals for organics, including food
-EPA should increase the 2011 recycling goal from 40% to at least 50%, with
the intention of continuing recycling levels.

To submit comments go to: and fill
in the comments form.

The full Draft Plan is available at

Here's the draft Plan's current section addressing municipal solid waste

(PAGE 13)
Objective 3.1: Preserve Land. By 2011, reduce adverse effects to land by
reducing waste generation, increasing recycling, and ensuring proper waste
management of waste and petroleum products at facilities in ways that
prevent releases.

Sub-objective 3.1.1: Decrease Waste Generation and Increase Recycling.
Through 2011, reduce adverse effects to land by diverting materials from
disposal through increased material reuse and recycling.

Strategic Targets:
. By 2011, decrease the total amount of municipal solid waste disposed at
landfills and combustion facilities by xx tons, from XX (tons) in YYYY
. By 2011, increase recycling of the total annual municipal solid waste
produced to 40% from 30.6% in 2003.
. By 2011, increase reuse and recycling of construction and demolition
debris by XX% from a baseline of YY% in 200X.
. By 2011, increase the use of coal combustion ash to 50% from XX% in 200X.
. By 2011, increase by XX%, from XX% in year YYYY, the number of Tribes
covered by an integrated waste management plan that has been approved by an
appropriate governing body within the last 5 years.
. By 2011, reduce the number of open dumps on Tribal lands by XX%, from XX%
in year YYYY.

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