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[GreenYes] Re: Sustainability Presentation Speakers

I can recommend a speaker, depending where you are located, that can
give a presentation about the use of Pervious Concrete Pavement.
Pervious Concrete is used to help stop erosion, clean storm water, cool
the air above the parking lot, and allow more and healthier trees in
and around the parking area. The Pervious Concrete Pavement is also
more light reflective than asphalt, allowing a 30% reduction in
lighting to achieve the same amount of light at the surface. This
saves energy, and money in upfront costs, and ongoing energy use for
operation and maintenance.
Pervious Concrete can also be used to eliminate retention ponds with
proper design. It can be used for new construction, or to remediate an
existing parking lot. Pervious concrete pavement will mitigate 80 to
100% of first flush pollutants. Like a large Bio-Filter, Pervious
Concrete mitigates the heavy metals, oils, & grease from cars, and from
adjacent asphalt pavement, as well as fertilizers from lawns. This is
a highly effective way to return to a more natural system where
pollutants are mitigated by the pervious concrete and the microbes that
naturally colonize the moist, aerobic environment it creates. Made from
locally available materials, recycled materials, and with a lifetime of
20+ years, this is THE Environmentally Friendly pavement!
Just one small part of an overall Green Business Plan, but a very
effective, and economical one. No mosquitos or attractive nuisance
ponds either.
Send an email, and I will put you in touch with someone in your area.
bluxxxtey@no.address remove the x's for the correct address.

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