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[GreenYes] Toxics Action Center Annual Citizens Conference

Environmental Action 2006

New England's Largest Conference for Citizen Activists protecting public
health and the environment!


For details, visit

Toxics Action Center and the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund
invite you to Environmental Action 2006, our 20th annual environmental
leadership conference on March 18, 2006 at Wentworth Institute of Technology
in Boston, MA.

Our keynote speaker this year is Craig Williams, Director of the Chemical
Weapons Working Group and the Kentucky Environmental Foundation. Against
overwhelming odds, Craig led a successful grassroots campaign to stop the US
Army from disposing chemical weapons with incinerators at four locations
across the country. Dr. Marshall Ganz, lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard
University, is our featured speaker. Marshall got his start as a civil
rights organizer in Mississippi and later as the Organizing Director with
Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers in California. He now teaches and
writes on leadership, organization, and strategy in social movements, civic
associations, and politics.

The conference will offer over 35 workshops to help you develop skills and
strategies to win your fights against pollution in your communities,

- Generating Front Page Media Coverage

- Winning the Support of Elected Officials

- Recruiting New Members for Your Group

- Planning a Winning Campaign

- Fundraising and Grant Writing

- Passing a Pay-As-You-Throw Program

Other workshops will focus on the particular issues we are all working on,
including hazardous waste cleanup, pesticide-free lawns, safe cosmetics,
global warming, liquid natural gas, landfills and trash transfer stations,
recycling, land protection, sprawl, greenways and rails to trails, diesel
and air pollution, etc.

You will have the opportunity to discuss environmental and public health
threats and solutions with experts in the field. You can network throughout
the day with other activists and decision-makers, including Bob Golledge,
Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection,
who will be there to answer your questions about any local concerns. You can
make connections with other activists at one of our issue summits on
pesticides, energy, and solid waste. You can visit with old friends and make
new ones at the post-conference party.

Environmental Action 2006 is a day to recognize our many victories over the
year and be inspired to go back to our communities and continue the fight to
protect the health and safety of our families.

See all of the conference workshops, browse the silent auction prizes, learn
more about the speakers, see who is cosponsoring the event, register, and
get directions to Wentworth at over the upcoming weeks.

* *

Registration is $50 to cosponsor, $30 pre-paid and $35 at the door.
Breakfast, a reception, and childcare are included.

Email Jamie at jamie@no.address, or call her at (617) 747-4362 with

Please forward this email to others who may be interested in this day of
informative speakers, workshops, inspiration and networking.

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