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[GreenYes] new Pepsi commercial

Anyone see the new Pepsi commercial? I believe it is Kanye West
walking with red, white, and blue streaming behind him. As he finishes
his Pepsi he throws the empty can over his shoulder where it makes a
sound like that of a can being kicked down the sidewalk. In the next
moment he reaches into a phonebooth (?) and pulls out another Pepsi to
drink. As he steps back you see a traditional, Hollywood style trash
bin (meshed sides). There's so much wrong with this commercial and I
can't believe Pepsi would use it.

I have only seen it once, but I totally missed the first "view" of the
trash bin, so I immediately thought he threw his pop can on the ground
(based on the side effect). Then I saw it was a trash can. What is
wrong with this picture?? They are flagrantly supporting trashing a
recyclable commodity. Outrageous!

And don't even get the doctor's started on the message that immediately
following one Pepsi (and not diet) you should have another. The
obesity experts must be equally outraged.

I thought the big soft drink makers were into green-washing? This
commercial tells the true intent of the big cola companies - to hell
with the environment.

**If someone noticed something different in the commercial, please

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